VR-NeRF brings high-fidelity walkable spaces to real-time virtual reality. Our “Eyeful Tower” multi-camera rig captures spaces with high image resolution and dynamic range that approach the limits of the human visual system.

Please note: These videos are encoded using HEVC with 10-bit HDR colors and are best viewed on a compatible display with HDR support, e.g. recent Apple devices.


We present an end-to-end system for the high-fidelity capture, model reconstruction, and real-time rendering of walkable spaces in virtual reality using neural radiance fields. To this end, we designed and built a custom multi-camera rig to densely capture walkable spaces in high fidelity and with multi-view high dynamic range images in unprecedented quality and density. We extend instant neural graphics primitives with a novel perceptual color space for learning accurate HDR appearance, and an efficient mip-mapping mechanism for level-of-detail rendering with anti-aliasing, while carefully optimizing the trade-off between quality and speed. Our multi-GPU renderer enables high-fidelity volume rendering of our neural radiance field model at the full VR resolution of dual 2K×2K at 36 Hz on our custom demo machine. We demonstrate the quality of our results on our challenging high-fidelity datasets, and compare our method and datasets to existing baselines.

Data Capture

VR demo


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